At the Drop of a Hat - Jenn McKinlay

This series would make a great drinking game; every time Scarlett's face turns flaming red, take a shot.  Every time the names "Harry" and "Ginger" are used, take a shot.   Every time Harrison makes Scarlett weak in the knees take a shot.   Meanwhile, I guarantee you'll be passed out drunk by chapter 3.


Out of all the books I've read in this series, I like this one the best.  The plot was really well done, I couldn't put the book down!  While the moaning about the no-dating rule is grating on my last nerve, it really didn't feel like a big part of this book (like it was in the previous books.)   The bombshell at the end was enough to make me immediately start the next in the series, though, so I will say that despite Scarlett and Viv acting like a couple of immature teenagers, I am hooked on this series.   


Overall, very entertaining, engrossing and enjoyable.  (I love alliteration.  It fills me with joy)