Grilled For Murder (A Country Store Mystery) - Maddie Day

Grilled For Murder is book 2 in the Country Store Mystery series.  It can be read as a stand-alone, the few mentions of the 1st book are explained and don't detract from the current story.  

I really enjoyed the book; the main plot kept me guessing right to the end  I thought the victim could've been introduced a little more before she was killed; all you know about her is that people didn't like her.  A little more depth in the character would've made her death have more of an impact.  I liked the secondary plot, the mystery about the death of Jim's brother.  I hope that will continue into the next book.

It still bothers me that Robbie's store isn't called Pots 'N Pancakes, though.  

Overall, an enjoyable book to a series that's shaping up to be a favorite.