Peril in the Park (Jamie Quinn Mystery Book 3) - Barbara Venkataraman

Peril in the Park, the third in the Jamie Quinn series has Jamie's boyfriend Kip, the director of the city parks,  trying to figure out who is behind a recent vandalism spree and under pressure from the city council (and a developer) to okay a new skyscraper to be built on wetlands.  After being threatened by email and the murder of a PI connected to the threats, Kip goes missing. Jamie rushes to solve the mystery before Kip is the next to die.

This book had a great plot; there were several aspects to it: the vandalism, the murder of the PI and Kip's trouble at work spilling over into Jamie getting email threats.  While it was pretty obvious they were all related (and, I figured out whodunit pretty easily)  it was still a gripping read and hard to put down.


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