The Woman in Blue - Elly Griffiths

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An ethereal vision of a woman in blue in a graveyard one night leads to the body of a beautiful young model found dead in a ditch. DI Nelson and his crew find themselves in a new investigation to find who is strangling blonde women in the medieval pilgrimage town of Little Walsingham. At the same time, Ruth is contacted by an old university friend who requests Ruth's help in tracking down the author of several threatening letters

I really enjoyed this latest installment in the Ruth Galloway series. The main plot, the murders of two blond women, tied in with the sub-plot of the threatening letters so well that it was impossible to see a connection at first. All the clues were there, neatly woven into the story so well that you didn't realize until much later how pertinent they were.

And just what did Nelson say to Ruth at the end?!