Dressed to Kilt (A Scottish Highlands Mystery) - Hannah  Reed

This is such a fun series, with a great setting in the Scottish Highlands and fun, quirky characters. Dressed to Kilt has Eden nearing the end of her stay and in the middle of another murder investigation. I really enjoyed the plot, with hidden family secrets, red herrings and plot twists keeping the plot moving along smoothly.  The ending left the door open for a lot more adventures in Scotland, and I’m looking forward to seeing how her story develops (and more mysteries!)


I have to say, Eden has been in Scotland for six whole months and finally goes on a date with Leith.  Glacial doesn’t come close to describing the pace of her love life.  I can only hope her books move faster than her romances.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Dressed to Kilt and recommend the series to cozy mystery fans.