Title Wave (A Booktown Mystery) - Lorna Barrett

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Tricia and Angelica have set out on a book lovers cruise, featuring many popular mystery authors, including EM Barstow, the author of a hit mystery series. EM is an abrasive woman who makes enemies wherever she goes, so it's no surprise when Tricia later finds her dead, hanging from her shower by a scarf. Tricia can't help but investigate, convinced that the ship's security office isn't investigating and that it's up to her to find a killer.

This one was just...okay. I loved the idea of a book lovers cruise, and it was so easy to picture myself in that sumptuous stateroom and enjoying all the luxuries while cruising the high seas. But the plot just didn't do it for me; it felt like the book focused more on Tricia and her issues and the mystery was just along for the ride. On one hand, it did explain a lot about why Tricia is such a doormat. On the other hand, the ending was far-fetched and implausible.

Overall, I did like this book, I always look forward to catching up with Tricia and the gang, but this one fell a little flat for me. It is an enjoyable series, and I will continue with it.