Live and Let Diet - Morgana Best

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Sybil Potts, recently divorced from her cheating husband, is starting over in Little Tatterford, a tiny town in middle-of-nowhere Australia. The minute she arrives at her new cottage, she finds herself in the middle of a mystery when a man is found dead next door.

Do they have cool names for cozy mysteries in Australia? Like Cozy-Dozies or anything? If so, that would be enough to draw me in, but if not, the plot was more than enough, with a big plot twist that set up a satisfying ending that left me wanting more.

I really enjoyed this, a very promising start to a new series. I loved Sybil, she's smart, likable and a little naive. Mr. Buttons was by far my favorite character, he made the story for me, from "straightening" up the crime scene because the cat shed on the carpet to his bath scene, he was the standout character. The landlady, Cressida and her cat, Lord Farringdon (who talks to Cressida) were also enjoyable but not developed as much as I wanted. How, exactly, does Lord Farringdon talk to her? I'd love to know how that came about.

Overall, a quick, light read and very recommended for cozy mystery fans.