Pall Bearers and Pepperoni: Book 1 in The Papa Pacelli's Pizzeria Series - Patti Benning

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Not long after her grandfather's unexpected death, Eleanora moves back to Kittiport, Maine after a disastrous ending to her engagement and her job in Chicago to take over the family's pizzeria. After reconnecting with Ben, a childhood sweetheart, Eleanora finds him dead behind the pizzeria. Under suspicion, Ellie knows it's up to her to find a killer.

I enjoyed this book, a novella length mystery and the first in the new series. The pizza descriptions made me drool (if I had to read about gooey cheese one more time, I was going to call Dominos!) and the characters were likable and interesting.

I thought the plot had a lot of promise, and it was really getting good when BAM! murderer is caught. The ending was so abrupt, it was like the author suddenly got tired of writing the story and plopped an ending in there. It didn't do the rest of the story justice and diminished my enjoyment.

Overall, a cute read but needs as much time taken on writing the ending as there was writing the rest of the book.