Bacon Cheddar Murder: Book 2 in Papa Pacelli's Pizzeria Series - Patti Benning

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Late one night, Ellie's best friend, Shannon, comes to her door terrified and covered in blood. She was in the woods to meet a source for a newspaper story, when a masked assailant shot the source. Shannon is under suspicion for the murder, and Ellie starts investigating to clear her name and uncovers someone willing to kill to protect their business.

I enjoyed this one much more than the last one. A big draw for me is the characters, they're all a likable bunch, and, of course, the pizza (I would kill for one of those bacon cheddar pizzas.) The plot was well developed and had a lot of twists and turns that kept me guessing. Although it wrapped up quickly, it wasn't nearly as abrupt as the ending in the last book.

Overall, another cute book in the Papa Pacelli's Pizzeria series, and a quick, enjoyable read that's a perfect accompaniment to a large hand-tossed pepperoni with extra cheese.