Death by Potato Salad: A Murder-by-the Minute Short Story Featuring Mrs. Berns - Jess Lourey

Mrs. Berns is up to her old tricks, scouting out the eligible men at a church retreat. In the Miracle of Mayo class, a man keels over dead. Mrs. Berns, who knows about such things, declares it a murder and vows to solve it before the police arrive.

This was a very quick (and a little dirty, but you know how Mrs. Berns is!) little mystery, just a couple of pages long. It really whetted my appetite for the next Murder by Month (March of Crimes) which isn't due out until some time next year. This was laugh out loud funny, the names of the seminars had me rolling.and Mrs. Berns is as salty as always. A really great little read, more amusing than mystery but definitely a delight.