Day 15 of Chantix.  Haven't totally quit smoking, but I'm  down to a few puffs here and there each day, so around 1 cigarette a day.   Which is good, I'm proud of myself.


Every morning when I wake up, I try to come up with a list of things to do to keep my mind off smoking. I've played hours of Sims3.  Spent 4 hours killing off Sims by making them tour the mausoleum, thus scaring them to death.  But it kept me from smoking one afternoon!  Another day, I spent 5 hours making an alphabetized table of contents for my reviews on my blog.  No one will ever look at it, and I'll never use it, but that's 5 hours I didn't smoke.  Yay!



Unfortunately, I am  irrationally irritated at everything.  The list of things I've been calling asshole motherfucker grows with each passing minute.  So far, my hairdryer, my couch, m6y pillow, my vacuum cleaner, a shopping cart at Walmart, my computer keybpard (god dammit you asshole mother fucking keyboard) my shower, my sliding glass door, and my TV have born the brunt of my restless rage.  I hope they'll forgive me. 


So, that's the state of the union in my little universe.  Hope all of your days are going better than mine!