The Alienist - Caleb Carr

So, I realized 2 things with the second episode


1) It doesn't have the same tone as the book.  I mean, yeah, the atmosphere and the crimes are dark, but what the series misses is the sort of feeling of lighthearted adventure that the book had.  I miss that.   


2) I'm really not liking the guy who plays Roosevelt.  He's this tiny hipster masquerading as the big, legendary, over the top Theodore Roosevelt.  Not a fan.  You messed that up big time, TNT.


3) It appears as though they're heading towards a Sarah/Moore romance and NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NONONONONO.  NOT NECESSARY.  STOP!


4) The Issacson Brothers are the only ones showing some life, the others seem like they're plodding through a 19th century soap opera.